Note: PTX transponders superceded by new mPTX transponders in 2015

Article for reference only (archived article ref PTXTIU0117)

Trade In Upgrade

If you have a PTX transponder that requires upgrading to work with all

AMBrc systems and the new RC4 system send it to our address below

together with a note of your contact details (email, telephone number and

return address) and confirm the transponder ID number if known. You will

be sent a PTX (NS) transponder on the same ID number with a matching

case specification, either cased with mounting tabs/without mounting tabs

or in heatshrink. The turnaround is about a week. Payment is by PayPal

or by card when everything is ready (to pay by card enclose card details).

PTX (NS) transponders flash twice (then display solid) after power up.

The cost for UK customers is £24.75 per unit sent for trade in upgrade

plus £2.50 p&p, for multiple units it's £6.90 postage and packing.

The cost for EU customers is 24.75 GB Pounds per unit sent for trade in

upgrade plus 8.50 GBP shipping (payment by PayPal only).

The cost for US/RofW customers is 20.62 GB Pounds per unit sent for

trade in upgrade plus 9.50 GBP shipping (pay by PayPal only).

Address to send to:

Model Racing Technology

258 Dover Road


Kent CT19 6NS


Customs Label:

USA / Rest of World customers value items at minimum for used transponders.

Description of package contents, recommended to write 'Used Toy Car Parts'.

Enclose transponder(s) in a strong padded envelope, NOT thin paper envelope.

We recommend that tracking and insurance is included when sending items.

For AMBrc transponder clone orders refer to PDF form at


Article ref: PTXTIU0117