There is a good solution to try when your transponder does not count laps,

we recommend to Read The Instruction Sheet supplied with transponder!

If that doesn't help fix the problem, check the power lead connection is OK,

check the plug and check the wires are not broken. If you replaced the lead

check the solder connection is OK and the positive/negative polarity is OK.

If the lead and plug checks ok, make sure the battery/power supply is OK.

If the power input is ok, check if the LED light comes on when the power is

connected, if the LED is on and the transponder does not count laps there

is a problem, you need to send to our address below together with a note.

If the LED does not come on/light up or flash and does not count laps you

need to send it to our address below for test/repair together with a note.

If your transponder counts intermittent laps the recommended solution

is to Read The Instruction Sheet supplied with transponder! Make sure

you read the part about installation and transponder location / mounting.

Be sure to try moving the transponder to another location, please read

MRT mPTX Transponder Basics Knowledge Base Article MPTXOB0317

for information about mPTX Fast flashing LED weak signal warning.

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Article ref: MPTXTR0317